The Team

At T101 it’s our team that makes us who we are. The character and personality of each team member holds great importance to the development of our brands.

Each department is responsible for an equally important part of our business, and all departments work closely with each other.


Front End Web Developer in product development
Joined in 2017
About Alistair
Alistair is one of our finest Front-End Developers, originally from Manchester he spends a lot of his time struggling with southern accents and claiming he doesn’t have an accent. He likes to spend his free time watching football, supporting his local public house and getting caught in the rain.


Brand Events Producer in events
Joined in 2006
About Antoin
Antoin is a well-travelled ex-professional dancer and choreographer who literally fell from the West End into working for T101 in August 2006. Can you say organised? He’s got a keener than keen eye for detail. Being an ex-performer, he’s not shy of the added attention that comes with his role, so we keep him out in the public, travelling around the world, producing T101 events and promoting the brand.


Senior Mobile Developer in product development
Joined in 2010
About Brett
Brett is one our Senior Developers who is most happy when working on the front-end development or our iOS Applications. Generally a happy-go-lucky dude who tends to see a silver lining in everything and has a love random and funky things. Often see roaming the office in big fluffy crocodile slippers and believes happy people are productive good people. Can sometimes been seen air drumming / guitaring at his desk.

Chris D

IT Director in it
Joined in 2012
About Chris D
Chris got hooked on computers with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1982, and has never looked back. He has been with T101 only a few years, but has learnt a huge amount about building scalable, reliable systems in that time. In his spare time he is developing his own event management system. He finds it hard to relax.

Chris S

Product Director in product development
Joined in 2003
About Chris S
Chris does his best to manage the development team (have you tried herding cats?). He occasionally still does some development when he can. He cares deeply about the people he works with and the quality of the products they produce. When he’s not looking after his team he’s at home relaxing or spending time with his 3 boys. He also loves meat, don’t touch his bacon (not a euphemism).


Creative Lead in brand
Joined in 2012
About Joaquin
Joaquin has been at T101 for 5 years doing the graphics and media work. He’s got a background in design and typography, and while he’s been with us he’s had the opportunity to learn and get more into video editing and motion graphics. He likes obscure references and is rapid-fire with a gif.


Customer Services Manager in operations
Joined in 2016
About Lucie
Lucie joined our Customer Service team in February 2016 and came to us with over 11 years of Customer Service experience. She’s previously had various jobs including managing a betting shop for 6 years, as well as being a qualified hairdresser! (She definitely likes to talk this one) Lucie now spends her days answering our member’s enquiries and tackling their issues, so if you’re writing in with an issue, it might just be Lucie that replies. Lucie enjoys sarcasm, gifs and relaxing at the weekend watching TV series with her fiancé.


Visual / UI Designer in product development
Joined in 2018
About Mat
Mat creates innovative interfaces with all his creative skills, in other words, he’s an interface stylist that makes apps, websites and graphic materials look visually spectacular. Outside T101, Mat spends his time catching up on queer culture, fashion and his favourites TV series.

Matt G

Brand Events Manager in events
Joined in 2018
About Matt G
Matt is the newest member of the Brand team. After working on a casual basis with T101 Events for the past 5 years, Matt officially joined as the Brand and Events Manager in March 2018. Matt’s previous employment background includes working as a body piercer, working in legacy marketing and within the homeless charity sector. Matt enjoys reading, travelling, and film and has never found a period costume drama he doesn’t like. Since turning 30, his Sundays are less hangover and much more wholesome. His greatest achievement has been to keep an ever growing plant collection alive.

Matt W

Advertising Account Manager in Advertising
Joined in 2016
About Matt W
Matt is a media sales veteran who started working in advertising before online was an itch in its daddy’s pants. As a newbie drafted into to sell amazing T101 advertising solutions, he wants to help take the business into unchartered territory. A lover of good cuisine, fine wines and occasional debauchery, he also likes to travel and can play a mean honky-tonk piano.


Graphic & Media Designer in brand
Joined in 2016
About Matyas
Matyas is responsible for keeping the Recon followers on social media visually stimulated and supplying the marketing team with their design needs. He’s got a background in fashion marketing, contemporary dance and digital design. His main inspirations are naturally occurring colour gradients, the RIGHT shark from the Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show and Team Rocket.


Customer Support Advisor in operations
Joined in 2018
About Nate
Nathan (or Nate) is forever single and is T101’s newest Customer Service Advisor. Nate works with our customers first hand to tackle any issues our customers have. He is a gamer and a geek and is pretty tech savvy when it comes to basic browser issues. He likes long walks on the beach, hand holding and has a lot to offer so if you ever want to put a ring on his finger so he can stop complaini—-{Transmission Disconnected}


Managing Director in management
Joined in 1999
About Philip
Philip is the big boss overlord. He started T101 from his kitchen table in 1999, and he’s worked hard to get the company where it is today. He’s incredibly proud of what’s been achieved so far, and is always looking ahead to where we’ll be going next. His hobbies include of Xbox playing, chocolate eating and Game of Thrones watching.


iOS Developer in product development
Joined in 2017
About Rubens
Healthy eating and exercising just enough to support partying hard. Laundry on Saturday mornings.


Brand Director in brand
Joined in 2013
About Sandy


Back End Developer in product development
Joined in 2017
About Tom
Tom is a newly graduated software engineer who was attracted to T101 because of its warm and friendly atmosphere and the chance to learn from working closely with the team. His appreciation of well-structured, maintainable code led him to be interested in back-end technologies and the Junior back-end developer role. In his free time, he enjoys making obnoxious, rowdy dance music and playing the odd video game.


Senior Business Analyst in product development
Joined in 2008
About Trish
With a degree in Business and Management Communications and over 25 years of experience as a business analyst in the gaming, finance and recruiting industries, Trish brings a wealth of experience to the T101 development team. Outside of work, she is a die-hard Vancouver Canucks and figure skating fan, and a kick-ass home chef. She lives in beautiful Harrison Mills, British Columbia, Canada with her two beloved papillons, Gizmo and Rascal.


Brand Executive in brand
Joined in 2014
About Will
Will is responsible for social media and for writing creative content. He came to T101 after working for a public sector transport agency. Suffice to say, he greatly appreciates his new trajectory. He loves cinema and goes once a week (though can never think of a film recommendation when put on the spot). He’s also very laid back (though flies into a rage at cyclists who think they have right of way along the canal).