• Alistair

    Front End Web Developer
  • Brett

    Senior Mobile Developer
  • Chris S

    Product Director
  • Mat

    Visual / UI Designer
  • Rubens

    iOS Developer
  • Tom

    Back End Developer
  • Trish

    Senior Business Analyst

The T101 Development Team writes software that allows hundreds of thousands of gay men to find, connect and interact with each other.

We are the biggest network of our kind with over 600,000 registered members, and at peak times of the day we have around 50,000 concurrent members online, which brings its own unique set of challenges. Our products support Web, iOS and Android platforms, and are built on a resilient and scalable back-end that is in constant use round the clock.

We are a small, friendly team that is supportive, highly productive, and quality and results-oriented. We’re proud of being truly passionate about technology and the software development process. We follow an Agile/SCRUM-based iterative development process and short delivery iterations.

We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest technologies, practices, patterns and tools related to software development. We take time out to share our knowledge with one another and improve both our skills and our development environment.

We also subscribe to Pluralsight’s library of online technology training courses.

At T101 we use the most effective tool, technologies and practices in the field of development and design.

  • Development

    Objective C, Java, ASP.NET MVC 4/5 (C#), ReSharper, GitHub, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, RESTful web services, jQuery, AngularJS, Less, Responsive web design and AWS cloud services and hosting.

  • Design

    User Testing, User Research and Interviewing, Competitor Analyses, User Journeys and Flows, Rapid Prototyping, Workshops, Design Language, Design System, Sketch, Framer, Invision Studio, Marvel App, Maze Design, Abstract App, Sympli App, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google Forms, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics and Tag Manager and Google Optimize